What we do:

We work with homeowners and homebuyers to create accessory dwelling units (ADUs and JADUs) that are private, legal, independent living spaces. Lilypad Homes understands the new state and local laws that make it easier than ever to create new housing units through infill development.   

Can you create an ADU on your own? Yes, but it’s a complex and time-consuming process, and not everyone has the design and construction knowledge to optimize the possibilities of their property.  Lilypad Homes can improve the outcome of your project by incorporating small-space design elements and save you money by planning ahead for ADU permitting and code complexities.

Our services:

Feasibility Assessments

Each property is unique and each jurisdiction has its own code idiosyncrasies. Lilypad Homes can evaluate the possibilities for your home and lot, taking into consideration current and future household needs, small space design elements, cost, etc. Our team understands the importance of privacy, sound-proofing, separate access, and other aspects of the co-living experience. We can quickly assess your property, or a prospective property, and identify the options for creating your ADU or JADU. This service is also valuable for homeowners contemplating Home Sharing, renting without the construction of a separate unit.

A Feasibility Assessment in Marin and Sonoma counties is $500.

Design Services

It takes talent and experience in designing small efficient spaces to carve out a comfortable, aesthetically-pleasing unit from an existing home, build out a garage, or add a detached unit on a property. Lilypad Homes knows ADU design — from tiny kitchens to maximizing storage to making spaces seem larger. Our design process begins with measuring the proposed ADU space and drafting an as-built plan of the property, which is needed for design and permitting. We’ll develop a preliminary design that addresses your goals and objectives, and work with you toward a final design.  During the design phase, we will consult with Planning and Permitting as needed.  Upon completion of the design phase, Lilypad can deliver plans for permitting and construction. 

Consulting Services

We assist Marin and Sonoma county homeowners with our ADU expertise in the following areas:

●      Analyze future cash flow and cost/benefit

●      Research and attempt to resolve conflicts between code requirements and unit plans

●      Apply for planning approvals and permits

●      Prepare for rental of new unit

We can also refer homeowners to trusted experts in related fields such as architects, contractors, property managers, modular home manufacturers, ADU financing partners, and professional organizers to assist with downsizing.

Learn about the types of units, their benefits and relative costs, along with the basics of what’s allowed in your town. We’ll explain the process of creating an ADU or JADU and help you determine the next steps.